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How to Lash a Tripod

Learn how to construct a tripod for use in wilderness survival. This can be useful for smoking meats, hanging pots over a fire, making backrests, trap components, primitive shelters, etc.

Parachute Cord Management and Storage

Learn how to organize 550 parachute cord in a way that is organized, efficient, and effective for use in wilderness survival

How To Make Waterproof Tinder For Fire Starting

Learn the process of how to make your tinder waterproof AND allow it to burn ten times longer than normal.

Balance Training For The Survivalist

This physical training method will give you the strength and balance you need to walk quietly through the woods, leaving less disruption than you ever thought possible.

Fox Walking And Wide Angle Vision

This is a technique to access greater awareness of your surroundings, connection to nature, and an increased likelihood of staying alive in a survival situation.

Throwing Sticks For Wilderness Survival

The throwing stick is one of the most effective and easy-to-build primitive hunting weapons. Join me in this video and article as I demonstrate how make and use one.

How To Make Stone Blades for Wilderness Survival

In this video and article I demonstrate a technique for making stone blades that can be used in a wilderness survival or primitive living situation.

Basic Square Lashing Techniques

A technique for lashing sticks, logs, or poles together in a way that easy and effective.

The Self Feeding Fire

A method for building a fire structure that will burn continuously and does not require ANY managing. No more waking up in the night to add wood to the fire.

How to Make A Fire In Wet Conditions

All about how to create the "ideal" fire in "less than ideal" conditions. Join me as I outline the necesseties of materials, location, and fire structure.

Figure Four Deadfall Trap - Improved

This is a great new configuration of the figure four deadfall that is much more sensitive and even easier to construct. Check out this article and video as I explain this trap in detail.

How To Make A Primitive Fishing Hook

This is an amazing method for catching fish that was taught to me by George Hedgepeth. As soon as I learned it, I was blown away by the sheer simplicity of the physics that make this work.

How To Make Primitive Jerky

A video and article that demonstrate an easy technique for drying meats and storing them for long term primitive living. This method is simple, easy to practice, and a great skill to have for any survival situation.

A Gentle Kick In The Nuts

So if spending time in the woods is really so great, how come most people don't do it as much as they would like? There are probably a million reasons that are all very understandable... but rather than hash through them, I would rather steer you toward action.

How To Make Cordage Baskets For Wilderness Survival

Baskets can be used for carrying food, water, shelter materials, arrows, traps, and a plethora of other things you will need in long term wilderness survival. In this article / video I will show you one of the many techniques for making your own cordage baskets.

How To Make Primitive Cordage And Rope From Natural Materials For Wilderness Survival

How to make twine, cordage, and rope from natural materials. This article includes a video, several detailed pictures, and a complete description.

How To Make an Eye Splice In Rope For Wilderness Survival

This is a handy trick for creating a strong sleak looking loop in the end of a natural piece of cordage.

The Bowdrill: How to Make Fire From Natural Materials

Rubbing two sticks together... yep that's how we're going to make fire! This article is a complete tutorial with video and lots of pictures.

Survival Spoon: Eating Utensils The Wild Way

This particular skill is not intended for use in an emergency, but is a "creature comfort" that one can make during the transition to full primitive living in the wild.

Figure Four Deadfall Trap

An article and video explaining one of the simplest and most effective primitve traps for collecting food.

How To Cord Wrap A Knife Handle

A tutorial with lots of pictures and some great techniques for cord wrapping your own knife handles.

Leather vs. Kydex

The positive and negative aspects of leather and kydex as it relates to sheaths for wilderness survival.

Fishing Spear the Primitive Way

How to make a four-pronged fishing spear with a sapling, cordage, and knife for wilderness survival.

Debris Hut Part 1

All about Paul's experience building a primitve survival shelter, and instructions to build your own.

Debris Hut Part 2

A different method than the conventional debris hut survival shelter: this one focuses on speed and efficiency, but had some consequences in safety.