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How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs vary depending on your location and the weight of the items you purchase. We ship most of our packages through USPS Priority Mail with insurance included. To calculate the exact shipping rate for your order, simply add the items you would like to the shopping cart. Once you have done that, you will notice a "calculate shipping" area. Just enter your basic address information and you will be able to preview the shipping cost.


What is your return policy?

You may return your purchase for a full refund on any product for a period of 30 days after the package shows up at your door. The only requirement is that the items must be unused and in original condition. Shipping costs will not be refunded on returned items.


What is your warranty?

All Hedgehog Leatherworks sheaths have a 25 year warranty for the original owner. For complete details, please visit the Why Buy Hedgehog page. For all other products (such as knives) the warranty will depend on the specific manufacturer of that product.


Are these sheaths compatible with other knives?

It is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that our sheaths will properly fit knives other than their intended counterparts. All of our sheaths are designed very specifically to the dimensions of the intended knife and 99% of the time a mismatch will result in spots that are too loose, too tight, or in having retention straps that do not shut. We do not provide information about the exact dimensions of our sheaths because it isn't as simple as matching the length, thickness, and width.


Can I upgrade my basic version of a sheath to an advanced version?

Sorry, no can do. When the Hedgehog crew and I build these sheaths, there are subtle details from the handcrafting process that make all the parts permanently married to each other. Therefore a basic sheath cannot be converted to an advanced version or visa versa.


Iím ordering from outside the USA. How do I purchase from Hedgehog?

We ship internationally all the time. For complete details, please visit our International Shipments Page.


How should I maintain and care for my sheath?

If properly cared for, your Hedgehog product will last for many decades to come. The main things to avoid are excessive moisture and excessive dryness. Repeatedly getting the sheath soaking wet will wash the natural oils out of the sheath and make the leather prone to cracking and dry rot. Prolonged exposure to heat will also deplete the oils and greatly enhance the wear and tear on your product.

In both cases, the simple application of a leather conditioner will protect against water and simultaneously keep the leather properly oiled. We recommend our own Hedgehog Sheath Conditioner as it contains the perfect blend of ingredients that will prolong the life of your leather without over darkening. If you are using a different oil or conditioner that is not from Hedgehog, be careful not to apply too much of it to your sheath as over-oiling can cause the sheath to lose form and become incredibly dark compared to its original color.