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Sheath For The Blackbird SK-5 Knife


Multiple options starting at: $239.00
Built to order, ships in 4 weeks



25 Year Warranty

If anything goes wrong with your Hedgehog Leatherworks product, we will fix or replace it for a period of 25 years after the date it was delivered to your doorstep. Just let us know what happened and we will make it right. The only way to void your warranty is to intentionally abuse the product or modify it. Otherwise, we stand behind it no matter what. We are known for our obsessive commitment to quality... so if we are fortunate enough to earn your business, you can bet we will work to keep it.

Handed Crafted in the USA

We are a small team of craftsmen who feel a true sense of purpose in keeping "USA Handmade" alive. We never rush a product and we obsess about the smallest details. If we mess up along the way, we start over and keep working until it is perfect. Sometimes that can be painful, but we believe that "good enough is never good enough" and that's why we only ship our best work.

Premium American Leather

Our leather is USA vegetable tanned steer hide that is simply the best money can buy. We have a face-to-face relationship with our supplier, Hermann Oak Leather, who is based right here in our home town of St. Louis, Missouri. All the major parts of our sheaths are built with 11 ounce thick leather, which is difficult to work with in parts of the crafting process, but we love its iron-like durability. By the time we dye, tool, burnish and condition our leather it looks like a tank and will last like one too.

Rugged Surface Texture

Our leather is tooled with a rugged texture that is helpful for reducing glare and blending with a natural environment. If you need even more concealment, just rub on some dirt or charcoal before your mission. Wear your sheath with confidence and don't be afraid to scratch it up. The more adventures it has, the better it looks... and the more stories it will tell.

Water Repellent Finish

Before leaving our workshop, every sheath is treated with our "Hedgehog Sheath Conditioner". This bees wax based, water repellent coating ensures your leather is ready for the elements the moment you take it out of the box. To get the best performance and longevity out of your product, we recommend applying conditioner before and after every major field outing. We sell the Hedgehog Sheath Conditioner separately. It is NOT included with the leather sheath.

Superb Fit

When we build your sheath, we cut and form the parts around one of the actual knives we have in our workshop. That means it fits perfectly and will not be rattling around each time you take a step. If anything, we make them just a little tight because they all have a slight break-in period, just like a pair of hiking boots. Hedgehog sheaths are not generic, meaning that they are intended only for the knife we advertise them to be compatible with. For example, our sheath for the TOPS Fieldcraft Knife will not fit an Ontario Blackbird Knife and vice versa... even though different sheath models can look very similar in pictures.

Double Row Stitching

Every Hedgehog sheath has a double row of high-strength stitching that pierces the three layers of leather that surround the knife. We use a double row for redundancy and because it creates a very rigid and secured welt in the area where the sharpened edge of the knife rests. This is essential in forming the sheath perfectly and eliminating movement when the knife is secured inside.

Traditional Belt Carry

One way to wear this sheath is in a traditional vertical configuration hanging from the belt, and features a nylon strap to prevent the sheath from "riding up" as you walk, run, climb etc.

Tie-Down Holes

This sheath also features four tie-down holes that are reinforced with metal grommets... that way you can improvise attachment positions for your specific needs. Our favorite way to carry this sheath is over the shoulder with a length of parachute cord strung through the lashing holes. This method excels in cold weather as it can be worn on top of a heavy coat. That means your knife is in easy reach and you keep your warmth inside the coat where it belongs, because you aren't lifting it to gain access to the sheath on your belt.


This design is ambidextrous, meaning that it works equally well if you are right handed or left handed.

Rapid Release Retention System (US Patent #7587827)

One hallmark feature of Hedgehog sheaths is our Rapid Release Retention System (US Patent #7587827). This mechanism is a series of elastic bands that are integrated with the leather retention straps that hold the knife securely in place. When you open those straps, they automatically spring away, allowing you to extract your knife without fear of accidentally cutting into the sheath.

Advanced and Basic Options

When purchasing this sheath, you have the option of a "Basic" or "Advanced" version. They both have the same core features, material, quality and 25 Year Warranty. The "Advanced" version simply comes equipped with a utility pocket and a mounting sleeve for the Hedgehog Fire Starter. NOTE: The Hedgehog Fire Starter is included with any "Advanced" version sheath and also comes with a steel striker inside the utility pocket. At your discretion, you can use the utility pocket for storing tinder or small survival necessities. Many people stuff this pouch with things like fishing line, hooks, sinkers, a button compass, water purification tablets, etc. The inside measures roughly 1.6" wide by .5" high by 2.6" long.

Further Questions?

If we can be of any further help providing information about this product, please get in touch with us by visiting the Contact Us page. You can also call the workshop directly at 877.275.4459. Someone from the Hedgehog Team will get back with you quickly.