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How To Make Cordage Baskets
The first few days of wilderness survival is often said to be the most difficult because you are tending to the urgent needs of your body like heat retention, hydration, and food. After making it past the critical early days, your focus shifts to creating goods that will help you sustain life more comfortably in the long term. Basketry is one such category of items. Baskets can be used for carrying food, water, shelter materials, arrows, traps, and a plethora of other things you will need. In this article / video I will show you one of the many techniques for making your own cordage baskets.

The First Eight Strands
Cut eight strands of even length: divide them into two groups of four and cross them at their midpoints.

Weave In Groups of Four
Now weave around each bundle of four strands.

Weave In Groups of Two
Now weave around each bundle of two strands.

Weave In Groups of One
Now weave around each strand individually. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a million. This technique is simple once understood, but can be difficult to grasp from pictures alone. Please see the video at the top of this page for the best explanation.

The Finished Product
As you can see, these baskets can be constructed to any size using this simple technique.... the only thing you need is more cordage and more patience!

  Best always,
Paul Scheiter

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