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Hedgehog Utility Pouch


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The Mindset Behind This Product

Sometimes the smallest items can have the biggest impact on your ability to survive. Maybe you’re building an emergency kit or perhaps taking a minimalist approach to your bushcraft outings. Either way, packing along tiny essentials like a fishing kit, mini compass, and water purification tablets is a great insurance policy against the unknown. Yet, even if you build the perfect kit, it does you no good sitting in the glove compartment while you’re on the trail. Our leather utility pouch is the perfect way to carry this gear at your side, where it can make a difference. The design is elegant, comfortable to wear and sure to be a conversation piece around the campfire.


A heavy spring steel clip mounted to the back of the pouch provides a fast and easy method of attachment. Simply push it down over your belt (or even just your pants), and it will stay firmly fixed in place. This clip also makes it possible to anchor the pouch to the outside of a backpack or any similar place you want to carry it.

Reinforced Retention Flap

The survival tin is secured by a retention flap that locks securely into place with a heavy-duty, military grade snap. A unique feature of this flap is that the point folds under on itself. This provides reinforcement to the heaviest use area of the pouch, which will be subject to years of opening and closing.

Ejection Strap

When you open the retention flap, you’ll notice a nylon strap with a leather tab on the end. Simply pull on this tab and it will easily eject your survival kit. You won’t have to dig into the pouch with your fingers or fumble around if your dexterity is compromised in cold temperatures.

The Storage Tin

Altoid Mint tins are regarded as the de facto storage device for mini kits in the survival community. Your Hedgehog Utility Pouch comes equipped with an empty, blank tin that is identical in size to an Altoid tin. That way you can replicate any kit you read about but still keep a non-flashy look that won’t clash with the rustic spirit of our leather work.

Advanced and Basic Versions

The Hedgehog Utility Pouch is available in two options: "Basic" or "Advanced". Both have the same core features, material, quality and 25 Year Warranty. The "Advanced" version additionally comes equipped with a mounting sleeve for the Hedgehog Fire Starter. NOTE: The Hedgehog Fire Starter and a steel striker are both included with the advanced option.

25 Year Warranty

If anything goes wrong with your Hedgehog Leatherworks product, we will fix or replace it for a period of 25 years after the date it was delivered to your doorstep. Just let us know what happened and we will make it right. The only way to void your warranty is to intentionally abuse the product or modify it. Otherwise, we stand behind it no matter what. We are known for our obsessive commitment to quality... so if we are fortunate enough to earn your business, you can bet we will work to keep it.

Handed Crafted in the USA

We are a small team of craftsmen who feel a true sense of purpose in keeping "USA Handmade" alive. We never rush a product and we obsess about the smallest details. If we mess up along the way, we start over and keep working until it is perfect. Sometimes that can be painful, but we believe that "good enough is never good enough" and that's why we only ship our best work.

Premium American Leather

Our leather is USA vegetable tanned steer hide that is simply the best money can buy. We have a face-to-face relationship with our supplier, Hermann Oak Leather, who is based right here in our home town of St. Louis, Missouri. All the major parts of our sheaths are built with 11 ounce thick leather, which is difficult to work with in parts of the crafting process, but we love its iron-like durability. By the time we dye, tool, burnish and condition our leather it looks like a tank and will last like one too.

Water Repellent Finish

Before leaving our workshop, every sheath is treated with our "Hedgehog Sheath Conditioner". This bees wax based, water repellent coating ensures your leather is ready for the elements the moment you take it out of the box. To get the best performance and longevity out of your product, we recommend applying conditioner before and after every major field outing. We sell the Hedgehog Sheath Conditioner separately. It is NOT included with the leather sheath.

Further Questions?

If I can be of any further help providing information about this product, please get in touch with me by email or visiting the Contact Us page. You can also call the workshop directly at 877.275.4459.