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Hedgehog Leatherworks Sheath Conditioner

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  • Beeswax based formula
  • Protects against water, dry rot, and mildew
  • To use, simply rub sheath conditioner into your Hedgehog Leatherworks product with a cloth or paper towel until all surfaces are coated. If you are storing the product for long term, leave the conditioner on it. When ready to use, wipe away excess and you are good to go!
  • Hedgehog Leatherworks Sheath Conditioner provides a great deal of resistance to water without permanently sealing the surface. Sealing leather permanently harms the leather over time because it does not allow oils to be replenished into the fibers of the leather.
  • Reapply conditioner as needed; one jar is enough to last a sheath for several years of use.