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Fox Walking And Wide Angle Vision
Just about every aspect of your success in wilderness survival can be boiled down to a factor of your personal awareness. Whether you are looking for the perfect shelter location, collecting fuel for your fire, or maintaining vigilance of a storm on the horizon, awareness is what keeps you in the game of staying alive. The problem is that most of us (myself included) have areas of our awareness that are massively lacking. This occurs partly because we don't always know HOW to pay attention, but also because as members of modern society, we have trained ourselves to block out and ignore so much of the world around us. In the video and article below, I will give you some tools to regain some of that lost awareness. Along the way, I think you will come to find a deeper sense of appreciation for the wilderness and life itself.

Instructional Video
In this detailed video I explain how to "Fox Walk" and use "Wide Angle Vision".

Wide Angle Vision
To experience wide angle vision, spread your arms out as far as you can and look straight forward. Now keep your head straight and adjust your vision until you can see the fingers of both hands moving at the same time. If you maintain this vision, you will be highly sensitive and alert to movement. Similarly, by expanding your vision, the rest of your senses follow and your entire awareness expands to a much greater sphere all around you.

Fox Walking Step #1 - Initial Contact
When your foot comes down, the first point of contact should be the outside ball of your foot that is closest to your little toe.

Fox Walking Step #2 - Roll To The Inside
Now roll your foot laterally until the outside ball and inside ball of your foot are both making contact with the earth.

Fox Walking Step #3 - Lower The Heel
Finally, lower your heel so that your entire foot is in contact with the earth.

Forward Progression
As you move forward in the fox walk, your feet should be placed directly in line with each other. This creates maximum balance, silence, and the least disturbance possible. Anytime you are fox walking, you should also be in wide angle vision as the two go hand in hand. Practicing this technique may be awkward at first because most of us are used to wearing shoes in everyday life. However, in time you may find that fox walking is the ONLY way you walk in the woods because it will open your eyes to a new world that is hiding right before your eyes. Enjoy!

  Best always,
Paul Scheiter

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