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*These are the three core values that keep Hedgehog running behind the scenes*
1. Embrace the Wild
Wilderness survival is all about establishing a relationship with the wild, not conquering it. I believe that if you show respect for nature and help it to live, it will do the same for you. This understanding extends to all things.
2. No Dry Humping!
My family's golden retriever, Ollie, has an awful method of greeting people at the door. The way he says hello is by latching onto your leg and giving you the "Elvis Pelvis". It bothers guests, and it's always an awkward moment trying to pry him off. The funny thing (aside from the guest's facial expression) is that I think this is how most businesses treat their customers: figuratively speaking, most business will hump you to death with pushy tactics trying to get you to buy their stuff. I never want a customer to have that experience dealing with Hedgehog. I only want you to buy our stuff if YOU want to buy it. So rest assured when you talk with me or my team we will answer your questions and give you the facts, but we will never give you the "Elvis Pelvis"... Ollie on the other hand: I can't make any promises!
3. Good Enough is Never Good Enough
In our workshop, there is a large bin with a sign that reads "When in Doubt: Throw it Out". Any product that does not meet our standards gets chucked into that bin, even if it is off by just a stitch. We only send out our best work because compromising quality is a slippery slope that ends in having a mediocre product... which is not an option. People buy Hedgehog because they know our products are reliable in the worst situations, and I'm here to make sure it stays that way.

You Call That a Hedgehog?
You may have noticed that our logo doesn't quite resemble the small spiky creature that most of us know to be a hedgehog. In fact, the animal you see in our logo is actually a wolverine. When I started the company during my college years, I intended to name the business "Wolverine Leatherworks". In my haste to get things moving, I spent all of my limited cash reserves to have a designer create the logo. Only after the logo was finished and paid for did I find out the name "Wolverine" couldn't be used because of legal reasons. Whoops! Without money for a new logo, I had to find a different animal (The Hedgehog!) and simply changed the lettering. The wolverine picture stayed. The logo now serves as a fond memory of the early days and I have every intention of keeping it!