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A Gentle Kick In The Nuts
There is certainly an amazing force at work in the natural world. Even when I spend just a brief amount of time in the woods, the result is always the same: I leave with a renewed feeling of energy and enhanced appreciation for life. Upon coming back to modern society, I have a greater ability to deal with the fast pace... but most importantly an awareness of the things that are truly important... like family, friends, and good health.
So if spending time in the woods is really so great, how come most people don't do it as much as they would like? There are probably a million reasons that are all very understandable... but rather than hash through them, I would rather steer you toward action.

As humans we are always building momentum in one direction or another. By constantly delaying your dirt time, you are doing more than just ignoring the skills... you are actually training your mind in the opposite direction, and building momentum down the path you do NOT want to go. This is where small steps are actually big steps. If you choose to work on your survival skills incrementally, you can make tremendous gains and enjoy the process. All I'm talking about is squeezing in ten minutes here and there to work on your bowdrill fire, cordage making, or whatever skill you like. Heck, I even knew one guy that kept a knife and some sticks by the toilet so that he could practice carving figure four traps during his daily dump. The point is this: in order to have effective skills, you must weave them into the fabric of your daily life.

Truth be known, this is easier said than done. It takes a tremendous amount of will power to break through our engrained habits and replace them with new ones. Most people live in a whirlwind of constant “reaction” to outside circumstances rather than following their own dreams.

Well, if you are one of those folks, I am here to pass along a much needed kick in the nuts. Life is short, fragile, and entirely available for your enjoyment or displeasure. Yes, 80% of things are completely out of your control… all the more reason not to obsess about them. As for the remaining 20%... you can waste it away with worry or you can use it to live an empowering life. So go on that survival trip, start working on that fishing spear, learn to make the debris hut, and put that pile of sticks by the toilet. Just remember: we are all going to be dirt someday… so get to it!... Or I really am going to kick you in the nuts!

  Best always,
Paul Scheiter

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